Hamming codes in python

As a bit of an experiment I’ve started up a GitHub repository with some code from this blog here [LATE EDIT: you need numpy (and might as well get scipy and matplotlib) to run this].  In particular, this week I’ve implemented a script in Python which contains a script for generating Hamming matrices (one for encoding, one for parity check, one for decoding), which constitutes as much of a proof of existence as I’m willing to get into.

There is also a “Message” class inside where you can play around with how many corrupted bits your message might have versus how long your message is versus the size of Hamming matrix you use.  The defaults are set at 3 corrupt bits in a set of 4000 bits, with the error checking done with the Hamming(7,4) code.  You can run this by downloading hamming_codes.py and running “python hamming_codes.py” from the command line.

The specific directory with this project is located inside the “HammingCodes” folder.  Possible experiments with this code later, but now I need sleep!