Wednesday and Thursday

Plan was 9mi/5mi, went about a quarter mile long each day.  Felt great Wednesday, going pretty fast without feeling strained – after 2 warmup miles, settled into clicking off 6:30’s, with the last two right around 6:00.  Took it a little easier Thursday.  Walking a fine line this week between not racing every day and getting the wheels spinning while the mileage is low enough to not put me in a hole.  Strava links below.



2 comments on “Wednesday and Thursday

  1. Oscar N. Garcia says:

    Your Matlab code on representing datasets on the surface of a torus is interesting. I am interested in plotting a line wrapping on the surface of a torus. Could I have your code to see if I can adapt it? I am not such a good Matlab programmer but possibly could change your data plotting to a line definition. Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Oscar — I actually no longer have that code, but a good start would be here, which gives you a parametrization of the square to the torus. Then you can write the equation for your line in the square (using these identifications), and compose the two.

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