Marathon training starts today

Haven’t posted much on my own running, but wanted to stay honest on this one.

Not me, but at least I took the photo.

Building up to the 2013 Austin Marathon, with a goal of sub-2:30, which should be good for a top-5 (top-1?) finish.  Training started today, after 2+ weeks entirely off, the first time I’ve managed that in quite a while.  Hoping that a 12 week focused buildup will work well.  My daily mileage is borrowed mostly from here, though the 90 mile week I will likely substitute 10-12-15-11-10-22-10 to keep the second long run down a little bit.

Additional workouts will be marathon pace (5:30-5:50) segments built into the long run, starting at ~30 minutes this week and building up to (hopefully) ~90 minutes.  These will be negative splits.

Wednesdays will be faster pieces, ~5 miles at 5:00-5:20/mile, broken up at first, and (hopefully) continuous by the end of the cycle.  I’ll bring the Wednesday workout in after two weeks of training.

Weekly mileages (tempo time, Wednesday workout):

  • Nov. 25 45mi (30mins)
  • Dec. 2 56mi (35mins)
  • Dec. 9 66mi (40mins, 5xmile, 2mins recover)
  • Dec. 16 78mi (45mins, 4 x 2km, 90s recover)
  • Dec. 23 66mi (50mins, 4 x 1.5mi, 90s recover)
  • Dec. 30 78mi (55mins, 3 x 3km, 60s recover)
  • Jan. 6 90mi (2 x 2.5mi, 60s recover, long run pushed back one day)
  • Jan. 13 78mi (3M half marathon the 13th, 70mins the 19th, 2 x 3mi, 30s recover)
  • Jan. 20 90mi (80mins, 5miles continuous)
  • Jan. 27 90mi (90mins, 2 x 3mi, 30s recover)
  • Feb. 3 78mi (60mins, 5miles continuous)
  • Feb. 10 70mi (no saturday long run, 3miles continuous, race sunday)



2 comments on “Marathon training starts today

  1. “his books and his lectures do not clearly explain his system. You have to read several of them to get the full picture.” — a smart business plan. We practice something similar in lower division math courses.

  2. Indeed — I’ve found a curious similarity between his students and Herbert Federer’s, both in terms of fervor and in producing large (useful!) tomes.

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