More format changes, a short note

In order to provide more regular, updates, I’m moving to a system where I will look to update each M-F at midnight, so loyal reader(s) can have something to look at over coffee.  This will also give me weekends to get a bit of a backlog of updates, so the rigors of getting through a week don’t mess up updating as much.

Also! So as not to disappoint those who came looking for a snippet of math, next Monday’s post is on a result of Frigyes Riesz (“Did I spell his name right?” “Frig, yes!”), whose teaching style is one to be admired.  From Wikipedia:

He had an uncommon method of giving lectures: he entered the lecture hall with an assistant and a docent. The docent then began reading the proper passages from Riesz’s handbook and the assistant inscribed the appropriate equations on the blackboard—while Riesz himself stood aside, nodding occasionally.

Good work if you can get it.

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.



3 comments on “More format changes, a short note

  1. Leonid Kovalev says:

    But I don’t drink coffee at midnight. 🙂

    I much prefer the approach in the top panel. For one thing, there’s more truth in it (none of the statement in the bottom part hold water: e.g., those 10 people can fire you with one letter during tenure review). For another, a person who doesn’t like playing with equations for their own sake won’t get any of the perks alluded to at the bottom.

  2. This may be the danger of a grad student posting a comic written by a guy with a literature degree. I am surprised you did not go after only working 5/8 of a year! I guess I thought the comic embodied the spirit of Riesz’s teaching style, with his tremendous academic work likely allowing him to get away it.

    • Leonid Kovalev says:

      I had plenty of opportunities to observe a similar teaching style, the only difference being that the reading, inscribing, and nodding were all done by the same person (the author of the book on which the course was based).

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